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National IMA Satyagraha for a Healthy India - 16th November

Please join us in protesting violence against doctors in India, and in rallying around key issues around the medical profession via the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Satyagraha movement.

The Satyagraha aims to secure the signature of 1 lakh doctors in India for a letter to the Prime Minister that will summarize advocacy points for the Indian doctor community. A key rallying point for the Satyagraha is violence against doctors. A recent study shows that over 75% of doctors in India have faced at least some form of violence, 48.8% of which are reported from intensive care units (ICUs). We strongly believe that such activity denigrates the entire country and brings shame to the medical profession.

Please sign the petition with your details on the right.

Other key demands for the medical community from the Satyagraha include:

1) Central Hospital and Medical Doctors’ Protection Act

2) Amendment of Clinical Establishments Act and PCPNDT Act 

3) Capping of compensation in consumer forums

4) Increasing budgetary allocation for health to 5% of GDP

5) Prescription drugs (scheduled H,H1,X) cannot be written by non MBBS doctors

About IMA

IMA is the largest medical association in the world with a membership of more than 2.5 lakh doctors over 30 state and 1700 local branches. IMA represents the collective consciousness of 935,165 doctors, yet it is not part of the decision making body at the government.

D Day: 16th November

1. IMA protest day.

2. Theme: “IMA Satyagraha for a Healthy India”

3. Timing: 9:00 AM -1:00 PM

4. Program: Community service followed by March for a healthy India with IMA placards of our demand, submission of memorandum to the local administrative head, and a press conference.