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CME on 23rd August 2015.


The PCPNDT Act, here is FOGSI's Statement.


1.        FOGSI is aware that there are issues of PCPNDT going on in different states of India.

2.        We also understand that more number of persons face issues due to small errors of filling forms and record.

3.        FOGSI is not objecting PCPNDT Act but is definitely working on:-

a.  Resolving issues related to interpretation of the act.

b.  Methods of implementation should be standardized in all states.

c.  Code of appropriate authority and NIMC team should be standardized.

d.  There should be graded punishment for form filling which can be monetary fines and actual sex determination matter as decided by PCPNDT Act.

e.  State medical councils should not expel a member unless officially proved guilty.

4.        Most important FOGSI does recognize that in any field or profession 2-3% are on the wrong side, which we identify and remaining 97% of members should not suffer.

5.        FOGSI sensitizes the issue and do not sensationalize the matters related to PCPNDT Act.


Dr. Prakash Trivedi                                         Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

President FOGSI 2015                                    Secretary General FOGSI 2015